Eassos Recovery Free

Recover deleted or damaged partitions


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Eassos Recovery Free is a powerful tool for recovering lost partitions or files. You can use it to recover any files that you've deleted on accident or that have been corrupted. With this application, you can rest assured knowing you can recover anything that disappears under any circumstance from your computer.

This application divides its functions into four different parts, so it's easier to analyze the computer and recover elements more quickly: recover files from a partition, recover lost partitions, recover files from the hard drive, and recover deleted documents.

In all four cases, and always when working with files that you want to return to your computer, you can choose where Eassos Recovery Free scans and wait for the process to finish. Once you have the result, you'll see a series of details that will help you know which elements you can restore and which you can't, like the name, modification date, exact location where it was found, and other important information.

With Eassos Recovery Free, you can specify the file, disk, or partition where you perform the search, making the file searching process both easier and faster. That way, you don't have to wait for the application to scan the entire computer, and you can recover the lost files for good. With just one click, you can return the element to where it was before, as though it had never disappeared.

This version can only recover up to 1 GB in total.

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